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    SLAMO is more than just a Maryland based recording label, SLAMO is a way of life. Biblical scholars and Natty Boh drinkers alike know that SLAMO is the wave of the future, the breath of the divine, the three legged gorilla in the room, and the loose change under your sofa. Count it. It's all there. SLAMO wouldn't short change you.



  • Stuff Legends Are Made Of...

    At SLAMO our primary goal is to consistently push our creative potential in order to produce a number of progressive musical projects that exemplifies true artisanship in whatever genre or genres our artists aim for, or intentionally miss completely.


    Adam Selene

    A self proclaimed jack of all trades and master of none, Adam Selene spends his time on Earth in form of a poet, vocalist, instrumentalist, philosopher, graphic artist, percussion junkie, father, husband, brother, son, friend, spiritualist, political dissident, and all around pretentious human type. Along with forming Collectible Humans with Joshua Coberly, Adam is also working on his debut solo record, Makeshift Godzilla, set to be released hopefully before the damned world comes to an end...

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    Collectible Humans

    Pretention personified, Collectible humans is the hyper intellectual tour de force that is the combination of boom bap connoisseur and mic personality Joshua Coberly and enigmatic sesquipedalianist and beatsmith Adam Selene. Originally coming together to crank out a quick side project, the two have undertaken a journey in personal expression that has permanantly changed both artists for the better, and stranger. Their upcoming debut EP String Theory just may do the same for hip hop itself.

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    Leadheart Deadbird

    Leadheart Deadbird is a two-man Hip Hop group, comprised of Joshua Coberly and Chris Coe (Fellowman), working to expand the genre by mixing various elements from a variety of music they respect & love. Performances sure to leave a funky taste in your mouth.

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    Joshua Coberly

    Lyricist and vocalist Cum Laude Joshua Coberly is no stranger to pushing his limitations as an artist, both physically and creatively. After Josh wrapped up 72, the debut record from hip hop group Leadheart Deadbird with long time friend and collaborator Chris Coe, he turned to work with Adam Selene on the upcoming Collectible Humans project, his second solo hip hop release effort produced by Canadian producer Waatu, and a number of solo projects in an out of many genres from bluegrass to 80's synth pop..

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  • Shows Legends Are Made Of...

    Being the motley crew of self important jerks we are it shouldn't come as any surprise that we all think we put on a damn good live show. But you don't have to take our word for it. Come on out and see for yourself.



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    The world's most patient, hard-working, bending over backwards, loveable fraggle, Christopher Hisey, blesses this studio with his audio engineering genius. We also have a turtle that makes a damn good rhythm instrument. Contact chrishisey@studioslamo.com for info on booking


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